Black Ponygirl

Well trained black ponygirl for sale, subservient and obedient. Guaranteed to give years of service!

A sturdy black ponygirl, broken in and trained, Posing in her harness and bit. She is a good workhorse and is trained to obey all commands without question!

Black Ponygirl!

Now is your chance to purchase and own one of the best black ponygirls in the country, she has been trained to the highest standards and is totally subservient and obedient to her trainers and masters, she is from sturdy stock and will be a hard worker in the fields. Fit and well, this ebony ponygirl is ready for hard work or for adding to your breeding stock. She has been trained from the beginning to be used to all ponygirl tackle and is used to wearing a bridle, mouth-bit and full harnesses, she also has been trained to accept most sizes of butt-plugs.
Don't miss out on this rare chance to own an healthy and ready to use black ponygirl.
Suitable for riding, working or breeding!

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Black Ponygirl

Black Ponygirl Black Ponygirl Black Ponygirl



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